Recorded in my home studio and mastered by Simon Lynch at Stebbing Recording Center. Click on the track title to open, then click the play button to listen.



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My Loved instruments on this album were:

Taylor 514 Accoustic / Musicman Stingray Bass / Gretsch Nashville / Musicman 6 string electric / Yamaha RX11 drum / Alesis SR16 / Patrick Luthier Accoustic. All instruments were played by me. Backing Vocals on "World we Created by Mahara Tocker.

I dedicate this album to Danielle and my two fantastic kids, Luca and lyla-Rose.


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Above is Luca at the controls. Already turning the knobs in the home studio and singing twinkle twinkle little star at the CD launch party. Loving the attention.



SHANE TAYLOR: The World We Created
By Bing Turkby

From his home studio in Te Aroha, Taylor's self proclaimed 'laid back country/folk feel' is super-cleanly captured. Song subjects include a paean to his local mountain, ruminations on the state of the world today and reflections on the importance of family. His promo material states you can sometimes find him performing solo, and I could really see him vibing out in the corner of a cafe. You can hear the love Shane has for delicate acoustic guitar strummery, on his fortuitously-badged Taylor 614, and there's a bit of electric guitar noodlery going on in the mix too, adding atmosphere. Playing all the instruments himself, Taylor has produced a very competent result, but for the synthetic drum sounds which can border on the twee in places. They're programmed well enough, but at times sound a little plastic. Kudos for being able to write about topics that are in a protest song vein without sounding contrived or forced. For example Martha Pit, a fully-realised song about the Waihi open pit mine with Tracy Chapman kind of feel. Listening to this personal collection from the mind and fingers of Shane Taylor almost feels like reading his diary.

Andy in the crowd at the MORE FM live to Air gig May 21 2009
Indeed on the more front..

I was twittering the sensations I felt from our interactions this evening and said (not verbatim) "Shane Taylor showed me how honest music can affect the soul (genre inclusive)" or something like that...
ANYWAY had a great day today with all the fullness that transpired.. you provided the ice-cream.
Want to honor your music while providing new experiences to people that would ordinarily rule it out; via sensitive remixes or placement in programs (like my new MYTRON Dj project).
Don't forget about BBC radio 1....
talk soon