Recorded Marmalade Studio's Wellington 1992. Engineered by Nigel Stone. Shane played guitars and piano, programming of string and drum tracks. Piano on "Sometimes you wonder" by Wayne Mason. Additional bass by Clint Brown. Drums on "Two Am" by Snapper and all backing Vocals by Jackie Clarke and Annie Crummer. Lead guitar by Lance Sua' and Piano on "Take me Back" by Robert Smith.

Recorded in the wee hours over 6 nights after gigs at the cheap rate. We had a great time.


NZ Musician Magazine: Truda Chadwick

There is a score of songwriters, an un-happiness of songwriters, that exists in NZ, Venery aside, it's true. Millions of scraps of lyric and tune lie in drawers and boxes, or have gone the way of the damned - into the fire.

Some writers persist however, getting their shit together with publishing companies. Some even go to the States to tout, like Queenstown based singer songwriter Shane Taylor, receiving encouraging grunts and even getting songs put on the big "hold" where the song is under consideration by a major American Artist. This has happened 3 times to Taylor, inspiration enough to keep on. This 10 trk CD is self financed and show cases his multi-instrument and songwriting skills. It's well crafted - groovy with a rocky mountain high ambience - after the big snow. Some good songs too, brought nicely into play by Nigel Stone at Marmalade. The impressive line up of able bodies include bits of the "Warratah" the gifted Lance Su'a on guitar and Annie Crummer / Jackie Clarke doing wonderous things with the b.v's.

Worth a listen.