Some of these tracks were recorded in Invercargill in between a full time 6 nightly gig in Queenstown. Craig and I had a winter season there and Steve Wesley came down from Whangarie. We drove 3hrs in the middle of the night with black ice warnings after we finished playing at 11pm. It took 5 or 6 nights recorded onto an Otari 8 track. Then cut onto LP's and cassettes. 1000 copies.Talisman Studio was a home set up. Very good equipment for 1986.

This track listing is made up with a few extras from Kevin Lynch's studio recorded in 1990 and differs from the original LP. While some of the missing tracks inclding the title track appear on Vale Rd Collection. Blue Blue Day is dumped in here but was recorded in about 1993.




The original LP Track Listing recorded in Invercargil was:

Michelle, True Love, Lonely song, You Should Know, All I wanna be is a friend

Gettin Over you, What about my life, Words of wisdom, Solo flight.

Vocals and guitars Shane Taylor. Vocals and bass Craig Taylor. Most lead Guitar Steve Wesley

I Still have a few copies available of the original LP.


Craig and I held down a 6 night a week at the Mountaineer in Queenstown 1986 while we recorded Solo Flight. This was our tidy little stage.


weHere playing a 4th July night.yur 



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