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Custom Software Specialists

ABC Software provides professional services focused on custom software solutions for businesses. Our mission is to deliver quality-centric business solutions thus helping our clients achieve outstanding business results. With over 25 years experience providing custom software solutions we are dedicated to helping our clients automate business processes and use technology to help reduce costs, improve efficiency, and improve quality of information.

This is my cousin Sharon Chapman's company and without her web design and input my site would never have been possible. Based in Napier Sharon is a big supporter of my music. A big on going thankyou to Sharon for my website.


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The Kiwi Man Cave
by Steve Hale with Matt Elliott
31 Aug 2011

Release Date: October 2011| RRP: $39.99 | HARPERCOLLINS Publishers

Pictured above is Steven Hale with me at his book realease. I was very privilaged to be featured on page 114.


TV is a way of Life (but does it need to be?)


We do not have SKY or Freeview TV by choice in our house. But the kids now 11 and 12 have grown up with technology and movies and information. They are both better for it.

TV is a way of life, just try saying this at the next party "actually we don't have a television" and see the crowds disperse with departing "what a nutter" looks over their shoulders. People define themselves by the shows they watch and to challenge TV's value in our lives is to make people feel inherently uncomfortable. But as parents we must put these feeling aside, so switch off the TV and read: "Remotely controlled. How television is damaging our lives - and what we can do about it" by Dr Aric Sigman. He cites the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines recommending that children under the age of two watch no television or any screen entertainment at all, as 'it can negatively affect early brain development'. He goes on to quote Havard medical school academics "Television viewing is exactly the opposite of what toddlers need for their development...young children's television should be postponed as long as possible and other activities provided and encouraged".


Last and most damning quote "Television is a major health issue and getting around this by offering reassuring incantations like 'everything in moderation' is highly irresponsible'"(Sigman, 2005, pp 262) .


Bearing in mind the many health issues and in particular the strong links between attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and television viewing in young children we made a decision as parents to switch off. From our own personal experience of withdrawing television we have found it difficult and inconvenient. But have observed our children participating in more independent imaginative play, reading books, hours outside playing, and yes it means initially more parent involvement when it is not always convenient but then the children become able to entertain themselves with their own play and books rather than relying on the television and that is a really important gift/skill. Just remember there was life before television. And now with the added iphones and ipads where it is a constant connection with your arm it seems not a minute can pass without being envolved with technology to further waste your personal time and fool yourself it is important. It seems everyone wants to carry a built in GPS to be monitored by anyone who see's to fit to trace you in your daily lifes. Turn it all off, and you'll be amazed at the time you have to be with the family, do hobbies or even be creative.


Next stop is my brother's site. He lives in Mt Tamborine Australia. Full time muso singer song writer and music teacher. Craig performs solo and duo all over the Gold Coast from good time music to jazz. Now he is also writing his own compositions. Check him out.


Heres an old photo of Craig in one of his Whangarie bands about 1986 before he joined me on the road full time.




Welcome to the Te Aroha i-SITE

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Welcome to the Te Aroha i-SITE Visitor Centre. We have the information and tourism services you need to make your stay in Te Aroha the very best time ever.
Visit Te Aroha to experience our naturally hot soda spas and warm leisure pools set among the green tree ferns of Mt Te Aroha. Our magnificent mountain is an ever changing backdrop to an historic and vibrant Spa town through which the Waihou River winds its way out to the Firth of Thames.
Discover Te Aroha's rich history when 'taking the waters' was a fashionable pastime and a cure for everything. Be transported back in time to the gold mining days of Waiorongomai Valley where fortunes were made and lost, where you can still follow old miners' trails and discover relics of the gold rush days.
After a day walking or biking the hills, following the arts trail or simply relaxing, we can help you find the accommodation that best suits you, be it backpackers, motel, country cottage or luxury villa, and we can happily recommend somewhere to eat. We can also help you book a massage or treatment, and tell you 'What's On' in town.
However you spend your time in our town you will be assured of great Te Aroha hospitality.




"Te Aroha i-SITE Visitor Centre is a particularly well run
and well stocked hub at the bottom of the Domain..."
North & South - July 2008

Michele Laurie | Information Consultant
Te Aroha i-SITE 102 Whitaker St, Te Aroha 3320
p 07 884 8052 | f 07 884 8259 | e | w


The TeAroha HAT band performing at Banco March 2013.

Shane with Chris on Bass, Magic on Harp and Greg Marshall on Guitar





Check out my music in Holland, the wonderful people at ZuidWest FM play my music, thanks guys.

ZuidWest FM
Alex Pijnen
Piusplein 46
4621EN Bergen op Zoom






Amber Emm (painted myself and guitar with Luca on my knee displayed above)


Amber's inspiration comes from boats, the seaside and the coastal fauna and flora. She took up painting in 1990 purely for pleasure. Positive feedback from a painting demonstration encouraged her to start teaching.
Over the years Amber has won numerous awards recognising the achievement of her work and in 2008 she was published in "New Zealand's Favourite Artists" by Denise Robinson.
Amber also paints commissions (like the painting above) and supplies several galleries.

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She also teaches painting to adults in Whenuapai, Auckland.



Pittsy's Mountain Radio (RIP Wayne Pittsy Oct 2014)


Pittsy's Mountain Radio is unique to Te Aroha. An under verandah wired speaker system covering three blocks of the town broadcasts to shoppers weekdays. Playing country and easy listening music with local advertising for businesses and community groups.

155A Whitaker St, Te Aroha

Wayne passed away October 2014. What a huge loss to our little town. Wayne always had time to chat on the footpath and he played a lot of my music on his street radio. He always had a smile and asked about the family and what we were up to. He cared about everyone. A radiant character much needed in modern times. There is now a big space on our town streets. RIP Wayne you will be remembered.

Dedicated to those unsung heros of the brewery circuits of New Zealand who played covers for the drinkers and diners in pubs, hotels, clubs, restaurants and spent their lives on the road.
Click Links Below to view Acts:

Amber / Shade / Bobby Gee / City Limits / Requiem / Russia / Pilot / Topaz / Rick & Gary / Alternative Two / Nightshift Duo / Shane Taylor / Destruction / Peta & The Pois / Mike McGregor / Lion Acts / Old Stickers

If you were a musician or in a band entertaining on the brewery circuit from 1970 to 1995, you may be interested in sending me a picture and a few details of your act and add to this site

Jan Paul Van Der Meij

Singer / Songwriter and much more........



Jan-Paul van der Meij (Wijk aan Zee, Holland 1995) I recorded Crossfire in his studio. He was a fantastic friend to me in Holland both as a musician and cycling buddy. We did many cycling trips together around Holland, from Holland to Prague and Jan Paul even cycled over to my place in London.

Musician / Painter / Photographer / Recording Engineer / Adventurer

Check out Jan Pauls very interesting web site.


Here is his lovely studio in Wijk aan zee where "Cross fire" was recorded.