Shane Taylor: Singer / Songwriter


When I started high school at Kamo High in I instantly met other like minded teens. We had a band called "Aaron and the Ardvarks" lead by singer Graham Whitehead, Piano Greg Sergent, guitar Randel Craighead, drums Warren Richardson and myself on guitar. 

We played a couple of gigs and when I was 14 I met Roger Ryken with whom I worked with for many years to follow.


The band changed to "Bedlington Street" with Roger on board. We always attended the Whangarei Country Music club Roger and I played many shows with the club. The club was fantastic to hone your skills at playing in front of an audience. Also sharing a stage with musicians like Johnny O'Connell, Russell Collinson, Silver Kanara and many others. It was then decided that I should play bass as we now had 3 guitars in the Bedlington band. I purchased my first fender precision copy and 75w Jansen Bass amp from the famous "Pomerys Music Shop". Lynne Cullen became like a second mother to me. I even worked part time in the shop. Pictured below in the Purua Hall 1978. From left Randall Craighead, me, Greg Sargent and Graham Whitehead. Warren Richardson hid from the camera it seems.


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My mums relatives gave me the opportunity to be playing professionally when I was 15. The Toomers had a well known dance band called "Majestic". To be playing 2 nights a week and earning money was something very special. My uncle Harold was a professional I had to learn chord charts and all sorts of dance rythyms. They are now both passed away but grounded my music professionalism. I took on lead vocals / bass and a bow tie. With my auntie Dot and cousin Colin on drums we shared some great memories. After a few years I had various rock bands. In 1980 Radio Northland offered Roger and I and our band "Eclipse" free studio time to record 9 original tracks. Below the Eclispe band, Roger Ryken, me, Robert Wallace and Richard Maxwell.

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Radio Northland followed this with good local radio support playing all 9 tracks everyday on air for a couple of weeks. 


Bands followed; Pinnups and The "Bill Coleman Trio" where I played bass/lead vocals in a restuarant jazz trio. Bill Coleman was a gifted pianist along with the amazing Taffy Jones on drums


"Shane and Roger" were a popular duo / band combination. Roger and I wrote and performed in many different bands, we had a synergy together where we could amost write in front of a crowd. The Pilot Rock Band with Kelvin on Keyboards, Richard Jones on Drums, myself bass and vocals then in 1983 we took a duo version of "Pilot" on the road to tour NZ full time working on the Lion Breweries circuit.

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Roger and I together with Murray Toohill as sound man and a bedford truck we set off to conquer the world.


I then free-lanced full time up and down NZ as a solo act. I decided to get into more touristy venues to play more originals and folky covers. I loved the Masonic in Napier and played resident in the corner Med bar for months on end 5 nights. I then based in Queenstown 6 night residency and recorded a 2nd original album on LP in 1986 with Craig Taylor and Steve Wesley at Talisman Studios, Invercargill. Craig (5 yrs younger) had his band "No Restrictions" in Whangarei. Brothers we sounded great together so he joined me. I met Kevin Lynch and recorded in his home studio later in 1990. To this day Craig teachers and performs full time in Aussie.


While doing the 2nd year of the 6 night residency in Queenstown a chance meeting with music promoter of Fremont, San Francisco, Jack Pimental invited me to the states which lead to song writing and publishing connections. I also started sending songs to Joe Reid (song publisher in California) and got involved with a music video promotion of my track "True Love" in Nashville. Craig and I travelled the length of NZ playing lots of nice venues. Craig also helped me with the video clip which went to Nashville.


While holding down a 6 night residency gig, I recorded my 3rd Original Album on CD in 1992 at Marmalade Studios. It was produced by Nigel Stone along with Annie Crummer, Jackie Clarke, Clint Brown on Bass, Wayne Mason on Piano, and a few others. Craig was now in Perth. NZ is a hard nut to crack so as I was working up and down NZ I personally knocked on radio station doors and achieved dotted results with different tracks. "Nuclear Free" became my signature song. 

A NZ publisher got "Two Am" and "You Should Know" on HOLD with Bob Montgomery in Nashville.

Then Nov 92 I headed off to Europe to Austrian ski resorts, German Café's and became quite the novelty Kiwi in Holland. Performing solo, duo and an original band. A big high was performing at an International Music Festival in Holland and often supporting act for local singer songwriter Jan Paul Van Der Meij. I also recorded "Crossfire" in Jan Paul's studio while in Holland. I saw a lot of the dutch music scence. I got to perform on Radio shows, taking part in concerts and even newspaper articles. Jan Paul and I also cycled everywhere. Craig came over for a brief visit and gig.


I returned home to Auckland, in 2003 I ended up settled in Te Aroha. I have recorded 3 Albums in my Home studio. Now 2018 and with 2 kids, life is good for Danielle and myself. The world is a big stage so lets keep the performances going. Go out and support a singer songwriter at your next opportunity, even buy their music.


Here with my boy, Luca in October 2013

Now still playing in Toejam cover band I don't do much with my own music but I was so glad I did and that I had made recordings. 

Luca plays ukelele / guitar and lyla on piano music remains in the family. 2018