School Visits

I have been very lucky to have a few teachers purchase and enjoy my music to the point that they have shared my music with their school class. Some have studied the lyrics and tune structures of a few of the songs. I have been very privilaged to visit a few of these schools and play my music to the kids. What a huge thrill it has been for both Luca and me. I will list under this tag a bit of info and photos of each visit and where possible a snippet recording.

Leamington primary School, Cambridge

Marg Lelieveld and her husband came along to my CD realease party after hearing an advert on MORE FM. They both enjoyed the night. They went away with the album and Marg later returned for another. We got chatting about how she had taught the kids the lyrics to "One Day I'II Bigger" so I offered to come play some time.




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The kids think its great you are bringing Luca and they will love him singing Twinkle twinkle. My class were a bit put out that the other classes were wanting to come too ( they have kind of adopted you) but wre reassured when I told them that we were the only ones voting on our 3 favourite songs. You will have to get them to join in "One Day I'll get Bigger" We won't be in Room 6, in fact down towards the other end of the block. The block is the closest to the main road on Lamb Street and halfway down there is a door that will be easier for you to access, I'll have some spies waiting. One will be Ronnie and he has a baby brother and took my CD home to play it for his Mum... They are so cute. See you Tuesday Marg


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Thanks you so much for your fabulous visit- the kids are all buzzing.... We loved having you and having Luca there was so fantastic, I hope they didn't overwhelm him too much. Thomas was so proud that Luca picked his picture. I have put some pics on my class blog and Charlotte has written a short report. Here is the link. I don't know if my CD will ever come back to me as it is taking turns to go home to "show my parents"... I have only had good feedback from the parents. Thanks once again. Marg




A Report by Charlotte


On Tuesday of week 6 Shane Taylor came to sing for the middle team . He sang''One day I'll be bigger," about what a baby might see,

"Mountain Loves you ", about Mt Te Aroha and "Martha Pit," about the gold mine at Waihi.

His little boy Luca came too.Luca sang'' Twinkle Twinkle little star''to us. He was really cute.


And the whole MIddle block recorded''One day I'll be bigger."and Whaea Margret made a cake for them.

How three people felt about his visit

Victora, ''I felt happy''

Logan','It was amazing''

Tane','It was nice and calm''


Whaea said ," he sounds as good live as he does on his album"

He Rocks!!!

Luca and I had a great time at Leamington Room 6. Thankyou for having us.



Hillcrest Child Care

Luca and I have been invited to play here soooon



Hurupaki Primary School Whangarei

Jeanie Mae Smith (a long time friend) has been teaching her class "Nuclear Free" for a couple of years now and asked if I could come play live. So on October 16th Danielle and I went up and played to a great bunch of kids. We had a really nice time. They have now written their own words to 'Mountain Loves You" that I will record for them very soon. I may even get a version of them singing to post on this site. I also caught up with Caryn Magrath (and her mum) whom grew up in my home district of Purua. Her brother is a very good friend of my brother Craig Taylor.



The opening letter by Caryn Magrath



Hi Shane
Thanks so much for coming to Pod 11 to sing . The Kids are still buzzing about it. They have written a story about your visit so I thought I would send you a copy to say Thanks. Thanks also for letting us tweak your "Mountain loves You" song. We have been having lots of fun learning the new version. Hope all is great with your family. Say hello to Danielle from us all here at Hurupaki in Whangarei.



Shane came to sing.
He played his guitar. I liked his singing, it was cool you are a good singer. Harry and Charlette lined up for a poster but we didn't get one. There were none left.
From Harry Jeon

After assembly I raced back to our classroom because I knew Shane Taylor would be there. One of the songs that he sang was Nuclear Free. After he sang songs he answered questions. Then he sang another song called Mountain Loves You then answered more questions. He sang another song and that was called Forever in Time. Song people got an autograph on a poster. Thankyou Shane Taylor for coming to our classroom you are soooo cool Shane. Thanks so much. We are looking forward`to seeing you next year. Shane my name is Sharne Monk.

After assembly I raced to class with my ginormous eye. It's the bright singer Shane Taylor . Crashing into the hard ground. He was booming his speakers Yay. Suddenly he sang Nuclear Free next The Mountain Loves you. Everyone got excited. We were waiting for an age for him to start. After he sang he signed autographs we were clapping also saying don't go.
By Jevon Radovanovich

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Straight after assembly I ran as fast as I could to the class because there was a surprise. I knew Shane Taylor was coming. He sang us some songs and we asked him some questions. In the quarter of each question he would sing another cool song. Some other people from another pod came to hear him too. Everybody thought he was marvellous. He had ginomous big black bold speakers. I enjoyed the time with him.
By Ben

After assembly I raced back to our classroom. My heart was pumping mad. I pounced onto the grey mat. I sat silent I didn't say a word. Nuclear Free was marvellous. Mountain Loves you was fabulous. Forever in time was fantastic. One Day at a Time was so so so great. I loved the songs that he sang. We had heaps of questions that he answered. He had lovely answers. My question was have you sang with other famous singers. He's a cool dude.
From MacKensy




Affer school assembly something popped into my head. Shane Taylor. I was so excited when I got to my class. I sat straight on the grey mat. I could hear the music going through my ears. It was beauty. It made me smile. It made me listen to it all day. I sang my heart out. I had a big funny smile on my face. It was time for another song called Love the Mountain. I sang and sang until we stopped. Oh he's going.

My heart was pumping so much I felt like it was going to burst. Finally after assembly had finished we got to see Shane Taylor. I sprinted back. I splodged myself onto the soft mat. Hello Shane. I said Hello. He sang some songs. Some songs made me want to cry.
PS my dad told me that Shane was in his class when he was at school. He is called Stuart Ross.
By Amanda
(Hi Stuart. Wow a blast from the past from Purua Primary school. All the best. Shane)

After assembly there was a strange man in our class with Mrs Smith. It was Shane Taylor. He came to sing us some songs that we had been learning on wicked Wednesday with Mrs Smith. He sang Nuclear Free, The mountain loves you, Forever in Time and a different one. He also gave us his signature which was on a poster with Shane and his little son. Shane was holding his big guitar in his hands. Soon he had finished. Then he had to pack up and after each song we asked him some questions. I really loved him coming to our class.
By Emma



Friday afternoon had come. As fast as lightning I sped to the classroom I launched myself to the mat. My eyes suddenly opened wide like two big beach balls. Shane had two humougs speakers. He had a guitar with a case........awesome. Even Mrs Cameron came. Mrs Magrath handed out some photos. People screamed ooooooooo but Mrs Magrath gave the questions to polite people. My favourite song was let the Mountain Love you. We got posters with Shane's signature on it. Cool
SM Samuel Morgan

On Friday after the school assembly I knew Shane Taylor was coming. I raced back to the class and when I got back I sat down. Then he sang some songs. It was really fun. After his songs we got his paper with his autograph. Then we went home.
By Mathew

Rushing back to our class I knew something was waiting for me. It was singer performer Shane Taylor. He sang Nuclear Free and the song he wrote for his little cool boy. He also sang Let the Mountain love you. I was amazed about his singing. I hope he could come back next year.
By Hamish Manderson

Suddenly I zoomed like a jumbo jet to the classroom. My heart was pounding fast. Then I opened the door I slammed it. Then suddenly something popped into my head. Shane Taylor. I look around
Then I sat on the grey mat. Then he answered some questions. Then he sang a song. It was fabulous and a great day. It was fun.
Love Kimberly

After boring assembly I suddenly remembered somebody famous was in our class. I peered through the door. I could not believe it. I zipped to the mat quickly folding my arms and legs. Excitedly I waited for a song. Finally the song came to me. Eventually my question was answered we waited patiently for Let the Mountain Love You. There was a sudden silence for the next two songs.
That special afternoon was awesome.
By Georgia

On Friday after assembly I raced to class as fast as a cheetah nearly leaving my shoes behind. Shane Taylor was there. My eyes were stunned. I found black speakers all round the room and one gray guitar and Shane's wife. Some people got Shane's autograph. The music was amazing. He answered some questions. My one was have you met the prime minister. He said No. Thanks Shane Taylor I loved it. Bye. See you later one day. Thanks Mrs Smith for inviting Shane.
By Samantha

Sprinting to my Class I knew some one was waiting for me. He's already for me. Suddenly he started singing the bestest song ever. It was amazing when he sang he stopped and answered some questions. It was so so loud when he sang. I had to block one ear when he sang. He sang as fast as speeding rocket. The best song was Nuclear Free because I could sing it loud.

After Friday assembly I raced to the class knowing Shane Taylor was coming to our class. Everybody was excited about the excellent singing. People from the last years Pod6 came too and some other randoms. Shane had a guitar and two big butty black speakers. I thought the music was pretty cool and awesome.
By Scott Hewinson

Strolling across to my class I see all my class mates happily zooming as fast as a cheetah into the classroom, but I wondered why they filled with so much glee. I stared into the room and saw two giant speakers one guitar one microphone and one man. I got the picture It was Shane, Shane Taylor. I plunged onto the mat and in seconds the class was quiet. He sang Nuclear Free, Mountain Loves You and two more. It was so exciting getting an autograph. I'd love to meet him again.
(no name)

After school assembly I ran back to class and then I saw Shane Taylor. I quickly zoomed inside. Look look I cried there he was. I quickly zoomed to the front of the grey carpet or I wouldn't be able to see real a singer in real life which was Shane Taylor. Oh ye I didn't sing in assembly because I was too excited to listen or sing. He sang Nuclear Free. It was awesome. He sang Let the Mountain love you. It was just brilliant and the love bit was a bit funny.
By Monique

I walked out of assembly. I had a weird feeling that something exciting was going to happen. My friends had a huge cheeky smile on their faces. There was a guitar and a microphone. OK. This is weird likea dream where it never gets right and before you know it you wake up and you have to go to school. Anyway I charged in to the classroom. Oh so obvious, singer Shane Taylor was in our classroom. He sang Nuclear Free, Mountain loves you, Forever in Time and One day I'II be Bigger than I am. Half way though we did interesting question time. The some more fantastic singing. Bring..........then the bell rang. Time to go. Wow what a memory
(no name)

On Friday afternoon when the seniors let us go from assembly I sprang to my feet and raced to class. I glanced through the window and what I saw was the fabulous Shane Taylor. Once I sat down it was question time. I thought for a moment what should I say. I ask him when did you first start playing the guitar. He answered me with a big smile. Then he sang 4 great songs. At the end we got posters, cool.
By Tylor-Saye

Barging through all the bigger kids trying to run out because Shane Taylor the musician was here Live. Opening the creaky door I opened my mouth wide when I saw Shane Taylor. Mrs Muston, Mrs Cameron and of course Mrs MaGrath and Mrs Smith were there watching. My bulging heart was beating fast with the loud music but it did not matter. There was a really cool guitar. On the end of the guitar there was TAYLOR in big white letters. Songs he sang were Nuclear Free, Mounatin Loves You, Forever in Time and the last one One day I'II be Bigger. Guess what his 3 year old son sang a song in front of lots of other school children. His super star wife was there to watch as well. That day I"II never ever forget. Thankyou Shane Taylor.
From Emily Hook

When assembly had finished Shane Taylor was really here. Finally I get to see him and his songs. It was fantastic and fun. It made me want to say out loud it was cool. It made me so happy. So the songs were like ducks quacking the songs.
By Genevieve

On Friday Shane Taylor came after assembly It was exciting and he sang awesome songs. We got autographs but I didn't get one but I didn't really mind. Then the bell rang and we went home. I had a really cool time.

After assembly on Friday Shane Taylor came and set his things up. He sang Nuclear Free, Let the mountains love you. We gave him questions. The question I read out was what is your favourite food. My question on Wednesday was do you like Alvin the Chipmunks. I like Alvin and the Chipmunks. In the afternoon I felt awesome and great. When he sang loud I started to say 'shivers me timbers" and I was shaking like ice. I could hear him from Pod 14. I have to shout to hear from pod 14. his music is fabulous.
From Max Turner

Assembly ended with a song. We got in line. Mrs Magrath said Round the two goal posts. When I was running a thought popped into my head. Which made me zoom round the goal posts like a steamed up bull. Shane Taylor is coming. It was roaring in my mind. I stumbled up the stairs in excitement then I slunk down onto the grey mat. Front row seats were running out I couldn't stop smiling oh no I have got clamps in my cheeks. All these hands up waving like windmills. He answered the questions really well. The songs were marvellous. Nuclear Free is awesome. The sound boxes were big and bold. The strumming of the guitar sounded very graceful.
Shane Taylor the musician is cool.
(no name)



Suddenly after assembly I remembered the fabulous musician Shane Taylor was going to sing to us. I felt nervous as I strode into the classroom. As I took my first look at him I quickly zoomed down onto the floor. We sat there while he started writing names of songs on the board that he was going to sing. The songs were Nuclear Free, The Mountains love You, Forever in Time and One day I'II be Bigger. First we were given questions that we had thought up of the previous day. Then we were able to ask some of them. He started singing. As he sang I was entranced by the glorious music. That was an afternoon to remember.
By Joe Squires

Driving down the streets in Barbs little buggy going to Reva's. We didn't finally get there because Barb only lives across from Reva's (Reva's on the Waterfront Saturday night gig).
When we got there Mrs Smith was chatting to Shane and her friendly friends. We went and sat down. Suddenly Shane came over and asked me what song I'd like him to sing. I suggested the one's he sang at school. Stella, Willis and me all ran out onto the playground then we went back to Reva's. I could hear Shane strumming his acoustic brown guitar and singing softly into his mic. Finally our Easty deluxe Pizza arrived. Shane started to sing Nuclear Free I sang along happy as can be. Suddenly Mrs Smith said to her friends look she's singing. Four of them turned around and gazed at me with a smile. I got embarrassed and giggled. My voice kept singing. After Nuclear Free Shane said that song was for the Hurupaki kids over there. I went up to him and said thankyou and bye. I loved that night and I will remember it.
By Livia

Leamington Primary School Recording Session Dec 7th 2009

On my earlier visit to the school I was so impressed with the singing of "One Day l'll be Bigger" that I promised I would return and record the kids properly. So I went back with my Yamaha 16trk recorder and a few good microphones and the kids sang along to the Album version playing quietly on monitors. We did 2 takes and I will put the track on this site soon. I willalso get the kids a CD of their own. Luca came along and was treated like a star once more. Big thanks to Marg once again. Next year maybe we will all write a song together and record it as a little project. Here are a few photos of the day.


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We moved around a bit to share the sound into the main microphone,lots of great singers


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 Luca looks on from the side in his "future rock star T shirt" 



And everything was filmed by the camera lady. She did a great job.